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In a profession where the best artists speak with their hands, London-born Ibe has had the last word at Gotham’s top venues for nearly a decade. Crowds of all kinds have caught a wave on his eclectic sets at Up + Down, No. 8, Silencio (Paris), Soho House (NY and Miami), The Box, Maisono, Above the Standard, The Gansevoort Hotel and Above Allen. His recent clients include US Soccer, Public School and Purple Magazine. When Ibe’s not on the wheels he’s in the lab, where he’s produced for Rick Ross, Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Less talk, more tunes. 


Interview by Dao-Yi & Photography by Dario Calmese



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Define what being a leader means to you.

Making your vision their vision.

Person, place or thing that inspires you most?

The streets. New York, Paris, any walk-friendly city. I tend to write a lot while talking and taking in the sights. And whatever happened last night.

Favorite sample or sound?

An 808 drum machine. Lately all the remixes I’ve been putting out incorporate those sounds somewhere in them.

Last time you were pleasantly surprised?

I was listening to the new Michael Jackson album not expecting too much with it being a posthumous album then the original version of “Love Never Felt So Good” came on and I was blown away. Just him singing and Paul Anka playing these beautiful chords.

Your prized possession?

My dad’s vintage Rolex.

Something that describes you that isn’t known?

Even though I DJ, I’m an introvert. I spend at least an hour or two a day reading or in a wiki black hole.

If not DJing/Production then...

Photography. It was my firt love then music came along. On my instagram page I try to incorporate announcements and gigs with photos I’ve taken.



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Last song you heard that you wished you produced?

“Alfonso Muskedunder” by Todd Terje. It’s this amazing song in 7/8 and it makes me wish I made more stuff in time sequences other than 4/4.

Favorite albums of all time?

Illmatic, Pet Sounds, The Superfly soundtrack.

Favorite place in the world to spin/DJ?

New York. You can never really predict the crowd so it keeps me sharp.

What’s that moment when you know you won the crowd over?

When I sneak in a song they’ve probably never heard and they don’t miss a beat.

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