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Heron Preston, hailing from San Francisco, is the true embodiment of an artist born of the post-Internet generation. Multi-faceted and genre-bending, Preston has become a cultural icon in youth culture, known for his bold aesthetics. He now functions as an artist, creative director, content creator, designer and DJ, in which he applies the knowledge he gained from earning his B.B.A in Design & Management at Parsons School.

The one common thread among Preston’s impressive body of work is a commitment to innovation, experimentation and unpredictability. He's never one to worry about breaking rules, as evidenced by his e-commerce platform HPC Trading Co., where he features and sells his original clothes and accessories. Preston finds particular joy in the unexpected by reinterpreting conventional themes. Take, for example, ‘UNIFORM,’ a collection of zero waste-themed clothes and accessories in collaboration with the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Preston’s signature style has earned him the current title of creative consultant to Kanye West, specifically for his work on the Life of Pablo and Yeezy fashion labels. He also frequently collaborates with Virgil Abloh, and has served as the global digital producer for Nike. His art book, The Young and The Banging, was published in 2008 by OHWOW, now known as the Moran Bondaroff contemporary gallery.


Website: heronpreston.com